Love for a Bottom Drawer

It’s interesting in life how some things that are normal, familiar and downright essential to me, are to other people unheard of. Recently while talking to a younger friend of mine, we were comparing childhood family life in our respective homes. Somehow, we stumbled upon the concept of my mother’s “bottom drawer.” My friend looked at me rather blankly. What did I mean by a “bottom drawer.” Did I mean the drawer closest to the floor in a chest of drawers and if so, why was that so important? Unless you were an extremely short person, she saw little value of that particular drawer! I giggled and said… No…no... no … a bottom drawer was just a figure of speech.

Marble coasters

A “bottom drawer” is a place in your home that you keep all the little gifts that you have randomly purchased in advance without the end receiver in mind. Small treasures are saved for that last minute occasion when you need the perfect gift in a hurry! A quick thank you gift, a hostess gift, a friend’s birthday gift; when the special day snuck up on you and you forgot (horrors), a baby gift when invited to a last-minute shower, a small teacher gift, a special little something to give to someone that needs a lift… Of course, there are constantly reasons for gift giving and often in our hectic modern lives the need arrives at inopportune times. Knowing that you have a secret stash of beautiful little gifts feels so satisfying. This habit was a constant for my mother and I certainly have emulated many of her habits, including this one. Maybe it is the old Girl Guide in me…Be Prepared!

Gratitude art block

Historically the bottom drawer was the place a young woman kept all the household objects collected for use after marriage - for setting up a home. Linens, cutlery, quilts, blankets, dishes and so on. I’m not sure when this version of the bottom drawer changed, but for my mother and all of her contemporaries, having a bottom drawer was the newer version of a gift stash, not a household stash. For me, a generation later, it is still ESSENTIAL. Anyone who knows me is aware that gift giving is an important part of my love language and you can see why I feel a necessity to encourage giving little gifts. So in case you feel like me and want to stock up, you know I would say “Good idea!”

Here are some ideas for different occasions:

1) Our best-selling Gratitude Typewriter Tea Towel is a thank you gift that encompasses the meaning of gratitude.

2) Our new hand-poured "It's Good To Be Home" candle for a little hostess gift.

3) Our new Happy Birthday Timber Bit is a great substitute for a birthday card or a great addition to give alongside one.

4) Our new Sweetie Pie wall Tile "Scrub a Dub Dub" for the last minute baby shower invite.

5) Our best-selling You Make a Forever Difference Art Block for a small teacher gift.

6) Our best-selling In the End (Buddha) Little Gem is a special little something for someone that needs their spirit lifted.

Keep the love flowing.

With love,


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