Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

It is almost that time of year again when we collectively honor our mothers. At Cedar Mountain we all agree that we feel immense gratitude for the women that raised us, the women raising the kids down the street, the women that quietly, daily make such a difference in our world.

I recently saw a poem by Maria Kalman. It is about women in general but it made me think of my own mother and I wanted to share it with you today. While I have only quoted part of this poem, I love it all. It resonates with me and makes me think so much of my own dear mother, long gone now, but her memory is still embodied by this sentiment.


What do women hold?
The home and the family.
And the children and the food.
The friendships.
The work.
The work of the world.
And the work of being human.
The memories.
And the troubles
and the sorrows
and the triumphs.
And the love.
Men do as well,
but not
quite in the same way.


So, my wish today is that we say a collective thank you to the women that have the job of holding it all together. They are most often the unsung heroes in our world, the people who do it all because they are mothers. They just do it because.


Love you Mom






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