Behind the Scenes at Cedar Mountain Studios

When you join a new team you often have the experience of learning a whole bunch of new things about the company you are working for.  As the newest member of the Cedar Mountain Studios crew I am certainly finding that is the case!  Here are some of my insights into the studio;

Breaks are mandatory. Jordon gathers us all together from our various locations in the studio promptly at 10:45 and 1:00. We gather in the breakroom or, as the weather gets warmer, outside on the green lawn!  Everyone has a great sense of humour and the coffee and lunch gatherings are filled with jokes, some political discourse and a lot of teasing. Here is Milo during lunch break!


Birthdays are celebrated with going out for lunch and with a homemade cake made by one of the team members. We’ve had peanut butter cake, vanilla cake and cheesecake so far!  Who wants one of our recipes?  Last lunch out was at Paco’s Taco’s, a newly established restaurant here on Salt Spring and lunch “hour” may have gone a little longer than usual because we were at a golf course with a disc golf course on it and some of the team HAD to play a round!


This may be one of my favourite traditions (ok the birthday cake is my favourite, but in terms of constructive team work this one is). When we are creating a new product there is a team meeting to get everyone’s input, be it positive or negative. The most recent one was to choose new sayings for our cards and a new product (which we will be telling you more about soon).  We sat in a circle as Suz read out quotes. When she finished each one, the reactions varied;

                   Snort of laughter - usually means yes
                   Utter silence – ok no.
                   Silence with muted hmms , these require a vote                               
                   Resounding yes

 Here we are meeting with one of our amazing artists Karen Clemson of Big Bear and the Wolf.


No matter the reaction, the decisions are made by the team as a team.  It is a vital part of how we work and how we create. This, for instance, is the kind of argument we have here at work!


Our products are put together by a team, with the occasional snort of disbelief, a lot of love and a bucketful of laughter.  That, my fellow mountaineers, is what we hope our products create for you!



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