Our Story

We are Don and Suzanne Zacharias, a husband-and-wife team living and working on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. For over 40 years, we have been doing what we love best – designing and making beautiful, handmade things for people’s homes.

In many ways, Cedar Mountain is all about home. We make our products in our backyard studio with the help of people who feel like family. Our 7-year-old and 4-year-old grandsons live next door and often join us for coffee break (minus the coffee, of course). We source our inspiration from our shared love of a home that is both beautiful and authentic, one that is filled with well-worn treasures and the warmth of family and friends. And we try to make things that capture that feeling and make people feel good!  

Since we have always wanted Cedar Mountain to feel like home, we have kept our operation small and sustainable. We sell to select stores across North America and have recently started selling directly to customers online. We want everyone who buys from Cedar Mountain to know that if they contact us, they will reach a person who is happy to talk to them. For us, it’s personal.

Love Always,

Don & Suzanne