The Joys of the May Long Weekend

To be honest when I say that the Victoria Day Long weekend is my favorite of the year it may have a bit of a bias for me as it is my birthday weekend! Yes, I am aware that this Canadian statuary holiday is not all about me! Of course, this was a declared holiday way back in 1845 when the Canadian legislature created a holiday to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. But truly, way to go Queen Victoria for having a birthday so close to mine!

For us here on Saltspring it is basically nonstop fun. For one thing we have a well-known, Round Saltspring Sailing race that attracts folks from all over BC. It is the one day that everyone hopes for decent wind as that will drastically affect how fast the winning time is. I still remember when my daughter Amy participated in the race and I think they finished around 3:30 am. Not a particularly windy day but I know fun was still had by all. Excitement is in the air for anyone who loves to sail.

It is also a weekend that Saltspring hosts a big soccer tournament. This means that many off island teams come to Saltspring to camp and participate in a weekend long tournament. I’m not sure who has more fun, the players or the many spectators, but what I do know is if you feel the need to catch up with old friends, head down to the soccer fields as there is a strong possibility you will see a lot of familiar faces. If not on the sidelines, you’ll see them in the beer gardens!

Then of course there is the Saturday market of which we at Cedar Mountain have participated in since 1993. The market starts April 1 and goes to Oct 31 but being a more fun event when the weather is good you can usually count on decent weather as spring is truly on its way. At least we all pray for sun from pretty near the start of May. At the market you will find beautiful handmade crafts, live music, baked goods and plenty of absolutely stellar produce and flowers. The market draws visitors from all over Canada and even further afield. And, for just cause. My advice is getting there early while you can still find somewhere to park. This is a very special event and not one to be missed.

Then of course, there is my birthday. Not that I want a party or anything special, but I do love the feeling of waking up and knowing that this is my day. It just makes me happy. When I head in to town, I feel the combined joy of so many people, all enjoying the first long weekend when the weather should be good and the thought of summer round the corner is in the air. So much to celebrate. Feeling alive on May Long is pretty easy and happy. So, if you have the desire, head on over to Saltspring one year and soak it all in.

Happy May Long Everyone!

With love,


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