Ode to Nurses

It’s hard to gain a true understanding of situations we’ve not experienced firsthand. We may strive to be empathetic and learn life lessons through thoughtful study, but living through something always fosters a deeper level of understanding.
I am not a nurse, but I’m thinking about them and the sacrifices they make every day as we plan how to celebrate Nurses Week this year. Many of us have gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of nurses as they have worked tirelessly and sacrificed so much on the front lines of the pandemic. We acknowledge nurses’ week every year, but this year it just feels so much more poignant.
My Dad, Henry, turned 100 last week. He’s led an amazing life and could fill volumes with his stories. He’s an inspiration in our family for having a long life, well-lived. However, his time is now drawing to a close. We were not allowed to visit him this year. No physical contact meant no hand-holding, hugs, or tender care. Facetime is just not a replacement for hugs.
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My family is close-knit. The love, devotion, and care we showed my Mom in her time of decline make the current situation with my dad feel cruel. So many families are struggling with this situation right now.

My Dad recently had his covid vaccine. It was too much for him and he almost died. I guess he was just too fragile. For three days he didn’t open his eyes, and he stopped eating. We could finally visit and came to say our goodbyes. I sat with him, touched his face, and did what I could for him, but there was nothing to be done. I felt completely overwhelmed. I just sat there speechless and crying.

At this moment, a nurse walked into the room. It felt like an angel had quietly appeared. She was one of the incredible people who cared for my dad when we could not. I felt a surge of complete gratitude. Watching her move around the room, it was so obvious to me that caring for people was her calling, not a job. To give so much of yourself to strangers every single day is a remarkable thing.
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All I could offer her was a feeble thank you, but my heart was overflowing with relief to know that she would remain there with him when visiting hours were over. 
During the pandemic, we’ve had to depend on health care workers we’ve never met to care for and comfort our loved ones in some of the worst circumstances of our lives. It feels impossible to express enough gratitude.

So this year during Nurses week we want to go the extra mile and humbly thank nurses everywhere for their sacrifices. 
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Thankfully, after three days, my Dad sat up and asked to have a shower, shave, and breakfast. Later that day he was kibitzing with the other residents about the good old days. He is a one in a million.
With love & deep gratitude,
XO Suzanne, Co-founder & Head Tea Drinker, Cedar Mountain Studios

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