Easter Eggs & Making Magic

Recently my oldest daughter Erica and I decided to create a lovely Easter table center by dying and decorating our own beautiful Easter eggs. Erica was extremely keen; and organized all the supplies. Of course, my life has been all about crafts, both as a hobby and a business, so to myself I thought "this should be easy!" I have memories of doing this with my three kids when they were young, but that was a LONG time ago and I forgot how making beautiful Easter magic is not such an easy endeavor!

Blowing eggs for Easter

There's the cleaning/blowing out the yolk (I would love to know what the magic secret is, but for me, blowing all that yolk out of a pin prick hole was a challenge!). I admit I did feel some relief once that part was over. Do any of you have any special tricks to share with me?! I'm all ears! Next, the decorating. I found the best method was to draw delicately with white wax crayons. Then lastly, the dying process! You must be very neat and tidy and not mix the dyes or else it makes a colossal mess.

Making Easter eggsEgg dying for EasterDye for Easter eggs

In the end, a few eggs broke, a few looked a little dull, but we did manage to get enough for two little displays. Erica and I are still chuckling over our morning’s effort for such small fruit of our labours, but luckily the time spent together was truly worth it.

Happy Easter sign with dyed Easter egss

It reminded me how important these little crafting traditions are. If not for the pure delight of the children in our lives, but for the time spent creating something beautiful together. And that is where the magic lies!

My daughter Erica has also planned the most incredible Easter egg hunt for her nephews (my grandsons). The two boys are currently dragon-obsessed and Erica has meticulously thought out a hunt led by notes from different dragons around the yard. Each card features a drawing of a different dragon and the boys must read the notes in order to find the next clue. Such good fun and I simply cannot wait! 

Easter egg hunt prep

The hunt doesn't have to be for chocolate, however! A few friends here on Salt Spring Island are organizing a "garbage hunt" with their children on Sunday morning. The idea is to gather and pick up garbage in their favorite areas around the island for an hour. Such a great way to spend time together and give back to the community. I just love it! Rethinking the Easter hunt.

So, for everyone out there, I hope you enjoy this weekend of Easter celebration. May it be time well spent with the people you love most. And filled with magic, of course!

I will leave you with a bit of humour . . . because I imagine we will all feel this way after the long weekend!

And then I thought to myself, why clean up if my family is going to continue living here?!

As always, send us an email with any tips or feedback. What are some of your Easter crafting traditions? I would love to hear from you!

With Love


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