Custom Art Blocks

As everyone who has read any of my stories knows, I will somehow try to squeeze in memories of my family or friends. During Covid I had lots of time to connect with loved ones on the phone but we all know in person visits with anyone outside of our bubble was a strict no no.
Several people of the younger generation were truly devastated to have to cancel their long dreamed of weddings. Family reunions cancelled. Never mind all the medical procedures cancelled. Everything cancelled. Nothing seemed normal and everyone was in a state of flux.
 Obviously, this was a time of deep disappointment and hardship for many. Luckily sweet stories did occasionally come up that did our nervous hearts and worried minds the world of good. I still think about my daughter’s best friend getting married in Toronto in her own small backyard. There was absolutely no fanfare at all. The two said their vows and were joined in union. What was memorable were the gorgeous images of the happily married couple doing a small walk in the local streets dressed in their beautiful wedding clothes, with all their neighbors clapping from inside their windows. This image still makes my heart soar.
 There are countless, truly countless similar stories of so many people I know. So, when it was the night before my 60th birthday and we were all in lockdown I wasn’t thinking for a second “Poor me, no party to bring in the next decade.” The world was obviously in such a state, and celebrating anyone’s birthday was just not on. Truth be told, I have never been one for a big birthday party for myself. I am much happier to be the one giving the party instead of the fuss being made over me. My dear husband did try his best and gave me a surprise party on both my 30th and 40th and both times all I could think was, "Oh no! Unwashed hair! Sweat pants on! I am dressed for a hike, not a party!" So, the fact that my big 6-0 would be getting missed was just fine with me.
 Well, I was wrong. Without me knowing, Don and the kids had chosen photos of all my favorite people. These were all the people they would have invited over to help me celebrate, had things in the world been different. They had made each of these photos into custom art blocks and they were all lined up everywhere I looked. We had over the years made up a few custom blocks when people asked, but like the cobblers’ children having no shoes, I had never had any of my own photos put on blocks.
 The effect was exactly what my family had hoped for, and I was so completely overjoyed. I felt the love of all those people smiling at me and it filled my love bucket right up. It was the best birthday gift ever. I felt like everyone was there giving me a hug. I still think of that birthday gift with gratitude and a smiling face.
Since that birthday I have made myself a custom wall of photos and continue to add to it as the years roll on. As my family grows, my wall grows and it continues to be a great source of joy not only for me but all that see it. My grandchildren particularly love to admire themselves when they were much younger! For myself I never tire of seeing the old familiar faces.
Creating  a system that can offer this service to all of you  has been on our minds here at Cedar Mountain Studios  for quite a few years.  So now it is with complete satisfaction, that I am here to announce that we are finally ready! If you would like a single block or a whole wall of favorite photos you can have it.
We have added a place on our website for custom art blocks and it is very simple and easy to do. Truly this is one of my favorites, and most heartwarming projects, that we at Cedar Mountain Studios have undertaken. We are completely confident that this will bring much joy to so many. Please do give it a try. We are sure you will be happy with the results.
With love,



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