Cedar Mountain Candles. A New Delight.

Over the years at Cedar Mountain, we have made a lot of different things. We started with our wooden flying birds over 40 years ago and have spent a very long time in the wood world.

Cedar Mountain Wooden Bird

Wooden home décor and giftware was our theme. We have always tried to bring to the world things that made you laugh or cry (in a good way) or simply a beautiful object that made you feel good. Emotion is what we have been going for, all of it!

About two years ago Don decided he not only loved candles, he also wanted to learn how to make them.

Always the keen learner Don dove deep into all the ins and outs of the making process. In my Coles notes version, I can tell you that he and dear Alexa have spent HOURS and HOURS experimenting in the barn that is now our candle studio. Completely the opposite of a dusty woodworking shop! So clean! So fragrant!

Candle that says kind people are my kind of people

This is a new happy place for Don, a guy that loves to use his hands to create.
The first version of candles that resulted is now known as our signature Cedar Mountain scent in our classic black tinned quote candles. These candles are reminiscent of Canada. They are woodsy and fresh.

You can find the Coastal Forest scented Cedar Mountain Candles here.

We also snuck in some sassy candles which are of the same scent. . .

Candle that says I fucking love you

I gave one to some Italian friends of ours but they can’t bring themselves to burn it because they love the smell too much! It will forever remind them of their glorious times in Canada. They say they will be very sad when it is gone. I keep reminding them I can send more!

Our latest project that we are equally excited about is our “Little Gem” candles.

Candle that says any day spent with you is my favorite day

We have loved our beloved “Little Gem” art blocks and coasters since their creation and now have so many fans of this product that we thought it was truly a match made in heaven to create a candle in the same style.

Our little paint can tins combined with so many of our favorite Little Gem quotes. We thought ADORABLE and they are! Petite and thoughtful. Truly a perfect gift for so many occasions.

The scent for these little darlings is a smoky vanilla. We delight in them and hope you do too.

Shop the Smoky Vanilla Little Gems Candles here.

So, from our house to yours, we send our love (and our candles).


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