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Timber Wall Art - Forest Birds
Timber Wall Art - Forest Birds
Forest Birds - Timber Wall Art
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timber wall art blank
cedar mountain studios wood wall art blank

Forest Birds - Timber Wall Art

An ode to the west coast rainforest we call home.

Cedar Mountain Studios Timber Art handmade cedarwood wall art and their popular smaller version, Tiny Timber Art, feature an eclectic array of imagery, from whimsy to nature and child-like fantasy. Their antique aesthetic elicits the feeling of a timeless world.

This piece was designed by Saltspring Island artists from Big Bear + The Wolf. Their art is inspired by the many faces they see in the natural world translated into sweet whimsical dreamscapes.

  • Hand-plastered cedarwood boards
  • Original: 5.5" x 18" x1"
  • Tiny: 3 3/8" x 11" x 1"

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