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Porteus The Pig - Marble Coaster

Porteus The Pig - Marble Coaster

Porteus was created for Cedar Mountain Studios by Saltspring Island artist Susan Bowers. It was initially created as a three-dimensional sculpture constructed out of vintage textiles like a worn-down christening dress, a tattered linen table cloth, and remnants of lace. 

This sweet pig came to us with a story. Porteus Pieboy’s got the rhythm, thumping the catgut strings of his purpleheart and cocobolo laminated double bass into the wee hours of the morn, prancing around some poorly lit stage like a prizefighter, slipping and sliding, bathed in sweat – electrified and mesmerizing.

We just love marble. It lasts forever, looks fabulous with any décor and nothing sticks to it so it functions beautifully as a coaster. 

  • Printed on tumbled marble
  • Sealed for protection against heat and liquids
  • Backed with cork

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