What's the Best Material for Coasters: Wood or Marble?

What’s the best material for coasters? Drink coasters are typically made from wood, marble, cork, or plastic. But have you found the right set of coasters that are as decorative as they are functional? 

The best coaster doesn’t scratch your furniture or leave pesky glassware stains. It shouldn’t stick to your glass when you take a sip, only for it to fall off (and break). Nor should a hot cup melt into it.

Knowing your coaster materials lets you buy the best set for your home and heart. 

For Your Coaster Consideration: What Are the Best Materials for Coasters?

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When searching for the next coaster set for your home, these golden rules can help you choose those that are practical while enriching your social experiences:  

  1. No impact on your furniture: Avoid coasters with rough edges and bottoms, which can easily damage your tables and furniture.
  2. Non-slip bottom: Coasters should ideally have a non-slip base so the coaster doesn’t slip and slide on the surface of your furniture. You wouldn’t like it being a case of “there goes your drink.”  
  3. Extra strength and stability: Cork and felt-bottomed coasters add extra durability so the coaster doesn’t break easily. Plus, it’s kinder on your pocket. 
  4. The right size: The general “rule” is that your glass should have half an inch extra space on the coaster for easy placement. 
  5. Easy to clean: Coasters should be wipeable, easy to wash, and quick drying.
  6. A good design: Coasters should fit your home aesthetic, but coasters with a curved lip are practical and help prevent spills onto your cherished furniture items.

Cork Coasters 

You’ve probably owned cork coasters at some stage in your life. They are cost-effective and popular for many reasons (such as making great gifts). 

Pros of cork coasters: 

  • Don’t scratch your furniture surfaces 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Heat-resistant 
  • Durable 
  • Made from an eco-friendly material
  • Doesn’t slip on table tops so your drink stays where you put it 
  • Endless designs

Cons of cork coasters: 

  • Don’t absorb moisture or condensation from icy drinks 
  • Easily stains (but simply scrub with mild dish soap, rinse, and air-dry) 

The good news? All of the coasters at Cedar Mountain Studios are cork-backed. That means every coaster we make gives you all the benefits of this natural material.

Our Favourite Cork Coasters: 

  1. Potatoes Make Coaster  
  2. All Is Calm Marble Coaster  
  3. Well Well Well Coaster 

Marble Coasters


Marble coasters ooze luxury, adding hints of elegance to any home. These coasters are always trending, and for a good reason.   

Pros of marble coasters: 

  • Ideal for any home
  • The natural veins and glint in marble make each coaster unique, so the exclusivity appeals to your sense of fun   
  • Easy to clean with a quick wipe
  • Long-lasting (but can chip and break if dropped onto hard surfaces, especially if they aren’t reinforced)
  • Glassware doesn’t stick to the coasters 

Cons of marble coasters: 

  • May be pricey 
  • Heavy, but ideal for heavier glassware 
  • Marble is porous, so it can stain

It’s best to wipe the condensation off marble coasters if you place icy drinks on them. 

Our marble coasters are sealed, protecting them from heat and liquids. With the cork backing, these coasters are even more durable. 

Our Favourite Marble Coasters: 

  1. Balance Rocks Marble Coaster  
  2. Forest Wolf Marble Coaster 
  3. Hope Marble Coaster 

Wooden Coasters

If you are looking for a timeless design that warms any decor theme, wooden coasters are a simple and classic option.  

Pros of wooden coasters: 

  • Eco-friendly 
  • Durable and lightweight 
  • Can absorb moisture, but the coaster expands and bends if it absorbs too much water
  • Just wipe to clean the coaster, but don’t soak it in water  

Cons of wooden coasters: 

  • Not heat-resistant 
  • Easily sticks to glasses, cups, or mugs  

Ideally, wooden coasters should have a finish or coating to make them waterproof, heat-resistant, and even more durable. 

Our wooden coasters are stained, lacquered, and sealed to make them long-lasting and heat-resistant.  

Our Favourite Wooden Coasters: 

  1. Be the Reason Coaster  
  2. My Family Is a Circus Coaster 
  3. Website Cookies Coaster  

Plastic Coasters

Plastic coasters are made from acrylic, resin, perspex, polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or similar materials. You’d find these at just about any discount decor store, and they come in all shapes and sizes.   

Pros of plastic coasters: 

  • Waterproof 
  • Very budget friendly

Cons of plastic coasters: 

  • Not water absorbent, so you’ll have water stains on your table 
  • Can scratch or damage your furniture if the edges and base aren’t smooth 
  • Can look tacky 
  • Just adds more plastic in the world!

If you can't tell, we aren't big fans of plastic around here!

Choose the Best Material for Your Next Coaster Set

Our coaster designs use sustainable, natural materials like cork, wood, and marble. These are the best materials for coasters, though plastic coasters are also available. 

Choose a wooden coaster if you want a classic, warm element. Opt for marble coasters to bring something fancy and unique for your office or living room.   

Cedar Mountain Studios has a great selection of coasters that speak to your personality, fit in with your home decor, protect your furniture, and make drinking a warm cup of tea or an icy cocktail an absolute pleasure.