5 Tips for Creating a Cozy Kitchen Space

For every family chef, the kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of your home—after all, it’s where the magic happens. Whether you’re preparing a mouthwatering spread for friends or making wholesome meals for your kids, your cooking space is your pride and joy. And it can be both delicious and gorgeous.

One of the best ways to add a signature stamp to your sacred culinary cove is by adding soft fabrics, like decorative tea towels. These touches showcase your personal style and make your kitchen feel homey and bright.

5 Tips for Creating a Cozy Kitchen Space 

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Kitchens can be cold and uninviting spaces when they lack character. When they reflect who you are, they transform into a place with unique finesse and flair. Our tips will help you add warmth, personality, and pure magic to create the welcoming kitchen of your dreams.

1. A Runner for Warmth

Adding a runner to your kitchen floor increases the coziness factor, especially during cold winters. The trick is pairing your runner with the theme of your foodie space. Choose a vibrant colour or pattern that matches that tone you’re trying to create.

Add the runner in areas where there is less chance of spillage to keep things looking clean, like away from the counters where you slice and dice. Instead, choose spots near the kitchen table or center island. A strategically placed runner with the perfect design has the power to turn your home kitchen into a chic retreat. 

2. Social Seating 

Social seating areas where you can socialize with friends and family while cooking creates feelings of warmth and community in the kitchen. Think nooks with built-in benches, islands with high-backed bar chairs, and airy open-concept spaces. Having designated seating areas also prevents “too many cooks in the kitchen” syndrome while still sharing plenty of laughs as you sauté away. 

3. Create Character

Tie your whole home together by bringing touching, character-rich decor into your kitchen. Framed family photos, charming mementos, and cherished keepsakes bring life and love into your space. Plaques with sweet phrases or sassy slogans can give your walls a dash of spice. 

4. Luxurious Linens

Using luxe linens is the ultimate touch for designing a comfy yet fine-dining kitchen space. Decorative tea towels, vintage heirloom tablecloths, or hand-crafted placemats are all beautiful ways to add extra personality to your ambiance. While your yummy soup is filling bellies, your lovely fabrics can charm hearts. 

5. Get Your Glow On

A dark and dingy kitchen won’t speak of home and happy meals. Those fuzzy feelings are inspired by the perfect kitchen lighting - so up your warmth with the right kind of shine. Good lighting is both practical, helping you see better, while also spotlighting your food’s best features. 

Consider yellow tints instead of cool white bulbs, and if you choose a new light fitting, pick something that is cozy, like a chandelier or candle fixture. 

The Best Decorative Tea Towels 

tea towels from cedar mountain

The magic of tea towels is that they can be changed, arranged, or displayed in your kitchen to suit your mood and theme. Switch them up every week or every year - whatever fits your family’s fancy.

Cedar Mountain has awesome sets for any week or season. Here are some of the best decorative tea towels to feast your eyes upon: 

Adrift Tea Towel  

Let the big bear, elephant, and whale enchant your kitchen with the Adrift Tea Towel. This tea towel hints of summer dreams with hot air balloons and fantasies that are brewed in your kitchen. 

These large, thirsty, 100% cotton tea towels are colourfast and filled with all the whimsy of your heart. 

Buy the Bike Tea Towel 

Is your kitchen a space where decisions are made and journeys begin? Then the Buy the Bike Tea Towel is an ideal add. This quirky tea towel will have your visitors turn heads and giggle while they figure out why you need a red bike. 

Reasons for Mom Tea Towel

Help your mom (or an extraordinary woman who mothered you) make their kitchen special with this Reasons for Mom Tea Towel. It’s an ideal gift, and the words will smother her heart in your love. Best of all, it’s available in yellow or blueberry colours. 

Watch With Glittering Eyes Tea Towel

Wisdom is often shared around the dinner table, so why not bring some words of wisdom home? The Watch With Glittering Eyes Tea Towel features stunning artwork of a magical forest and inspirational words to guide your family. 

Work Life Balance Tea Towel

Share that spicy sense of humour with this comical tea towel that reminds you not to take life (or yourself) too seriously. The Work Life Balance Tea Towel brings a smile to your kitchen as it parodies life’s trying moments. 

Sisters Tea Towel

A kitchen is one of the spaces where sisters really bond. Many cups of tea have been enjoyed and cherished while using the Sister Tea Towel. Warm your sister’s kitchen and heart with this touching homage that she’ll always have with her.

Add Warmth to Your Kitchen with Hand Made Tea Towels

Adding warmth, personality, and pure love to your kitchen is the best way to make your cooking space a cozy one. Decorative tea towels, choice linens, social seating arrangements, and inviting lighting are guaranteed to get your kitchen’s heart all fired up.

Pop over to Cedar Mountain Studios to choose the best tea towels for your kitchen revamp.