10 Funny Office Signs for Your Workplace

Workspaces are more versatile than we could’ve ever imagined. Over the last few years, almost anywhere has become fair game - commercial buildings, home offices, and even a couch or bed. Wherever you're inspired to create, code, or write is where you make the magic happen.

A great workspace inspires a feeling of productivity, and for many workers, that means adding touches of your own personality with some creative decor. Funny office signs that make you smile might be just what you need to settle into your tasks ahead. 

Why Laughter Matters at Work

laughter at work, man in office

Let's face it - it's easy to burn out at work, especially in impersonal spaces that make you feel like nothing more than a cog in the machine. That's part of the reason so many people joined the ranks of the great resignation, finally saying "no" to those soul-sucking environments.

We know a light-hearted workspace that encourages laughter not only makes you happier, but also increases your output. In fact, a University of Warwick study shows that being joyful on the job improves your productivity by 12 percent, while being miserable makes you 10 percent less inspired. And decor choices matter.

These University of Exeter scientists found that a workspace that’s "decorated rather than lean” can boost productivity by 32 percent. This statistic is so significant, you may as well make it a dopamine-inducing place with all the furnishings you love. Bring your favourite art, green plants, meaningful photos, and your favourite funny office signs to encourage laughter in your office. 

That way every time you enter your workspace, you're stimulating your brain in meaningful (and hilarious) ways, priming yourself for what’s to come. You are also far less likely to feel burned out in an office that reminds you to chill out, breathe deep, and not sweat the small stuff. 

10 Funny Office Signs

We’re big fans of giving our offices and workspaces a motto that keeps us grounded and giggling. Being reminded to laugh it off can do wonders for meeting goals and your mental health. 

Take your pick from these funny office signs: 

1. But First, Coffee!

Loralai Gilmore isn’t alone in her need of coffee before anything else. But First, Coffee! is the perfect way to tell the world about your caffeine-first priorities. 

2. Genius At Work

Embrace it - you’re the Genius At Work at all times. Don’t be afraid to lean into the idea - you’re worthy of such acknowledgement (and humble, too). 

3. There Is Beauty In The Mess

Some people have super orderly workspaces. The rest of us have supplies, papers, and everything else scattered all over. Don’t worry: There Is Beauty In The Mess.

4. Hot Mess

If you’re an awesome Hot Mess, you might have to take it one step further. This way no one will question what they see in your office – they will simply smile and nod.

5. Boss Babe

You are the boss who calls the shots in your office. Of course, you’re also a total babe, so make your workspace a Boss Babe zone. You’ll beam every time you see the sign.

6. Good Vibes Only

If you want to ward off bad energy, let everyone know your office is Good Vibes Only. That means complaints, grumbling, and all negativity needs to go elsewhere.

7. Dancing Queen

You never need an excuse to bust a move, but with a Dancing Queen sign on your wall, everyone will know where to find the dance floor. (We’re invited, right?)

8. Welcome To The Shit Show

Sometimes sass is the only thing keeping you sane. With a Welcome To The Shit Show sign, no one’s kept guessing about what they’re going to get.

9. Carpe That F*cking Diem

This one brings out the office edgy side. There’s no better reminder that every second matters than a Carpe That F*cking Diem sign. The world’s your oyster - go get it.

10. For Fucks Sake

When all bets are off, just let the words slide out: For Fucks Sake. You can laugh off any nonsense with this handy reminder.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

An office that encourages laughter creates the kind of atmosphere that you want to linger in, and it’s guaranteed to be a space that promotes productivity. Make your workspace more favourable for life’s best medicine with a sassy sign from Cedar Mountain Studios.

You can be as tame or as edgy as you like - just be true to your heart and think about what mood you jive with most. When you’re in your element, you’re sure to get the job done with a smile.