Cozy Kitchen Decor: Tea and Coffee Signs for Your Kitchen

Cozy Kitchen Decor: Tea and Coffee Signs for Your Kitchen

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Henry Rollins said, “What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup.” 

The same can be said about a deliciously warm cup of tea. 

Just holding a cup of flavourful tea or nutty and smoky coffee in your hands connects you to the present moment, carving out space to breathe, reflect, and just be you. Your favourite blends warm you on a cold day, while iced tea or coffee cools you off when summer rolls around. 

Coffee and tea are there when you don’t feel like dealing with the world or need an energy boost. They are the proverbial break from life.

The best tea and coffee signs for your kitchen remind you that your favourite beverage is always there, waiting and ready to brew.

Coffee and Tea Decor Ideas

“I don’t drink coffee to wake up. I wake up to drink coffee.” ~ Unknown 

Your morning or evening tea or coffee ritual is sacred and personal. So why not decorate your kitchen space to capture the essence of your favoured brew? 

Here are a few cozy coffee and tea decor ideas to kick-start your inspiration: 

  • Hang Cups in Your Kitchen mugs on wall, coffee art

Hanging tea sets, cups, or coffee mugs is an easy and budget-friendly option to add tea and coffee decor to the heart of your kitchen.

Displaying your favourite tea or coffee sets under a kitchen cupboard adds hominess to your kitchen theme and the convenience of quickly grabbing a mug when you’re in a rush. Consider a railing or pallet shelf with hooks or a tiered stand to save table or counter space. 

Add novelty mugs that capture your travels, events, and a decadent history in the making. 

  • Display Tea Towels with Coffee and Tea Designs 

Showcase tea towels with your favourite tea and coffee designs around your inspired kitchen. Change these with your mood and preferences, or use themes and colour schemes to suit the time of year or holidays. 

  • Stack Timber Bits 

Arrange coffee and tea-inspired timber bits around your kitchen. Get creative with how you combine and stack them to create a funny, motivational, or quaint message for you, the family, and your guests. 

Use these witty (and gritty) focal points to inspire endearing conversations.

  • Put up Typewriter Signs 

The right typewriter signs can make your kitchen super inviting. They also allow you to let your personality shine, whether you’re a coffee lover or a tea drinker. 

Place typewriter signs on open or floating shelves, in the breakfast nook, or on the floor (where you won’t trip over it or keep stubbing your little toe on it)

  • Have Coasters Ready for Your Guests 

Having coasters stacked and ready for your guests ensures you protect your furniture. Coasters can also add pizzazz and fun to the coffee- or tea-drinking experience, and your personality shines in your choice of unique and witty coasters. 

For example, these “I swear to spill the tea” coasters are ideal when you have your bestie over for a long overdue catch-up session. 

  • Fridge Magnets

Magnets with fun or inspiring messages make the heart of your home extra special. Place magnets on your fridge, create a magnet wall or place a magnetic board by your tea or coffee bar. 

5 Coffee and Tea Signs for Your Kitchen

Ready to find the best coffee and tea signs to add sparkle, love, and joy to your kitchen? 

Cedar Mountain has awesome signs that are sure to complement your decor and set the tone for your cozy kitchen: 

1. Coffee or Alcohol Coaster or Magnet 

The Coffee or Alcohol Coaster (or Magnetis perfect if you’ve ever wondered whether it’s too late to drink coffee or too early to start with a glass of wine. Your guests will love these wood coasters or magnets when they spot them in your kitchen. 

Coffee or Alcohol Coaster or Magnet

Coffee or Alcohol Coaster or Magnet


We chose the name LOL because these wood coasters and magnets really will make you laugh out loud.  Stained & lacquer coated wood Sealed against heat & liquids Coasters backed with cork Magnets backed with  2" x 2" magnet Square 3.75" x 3.75"… read more

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2. Dear Coffee Tea Towel 

Dear coffeeholics, this Dear Coffee Tea Towel is for you. It perfectly captures how you feel about your favourite cup of joe since it’s most likely what you think of when you first wake up. 

3. But First Tea Towel 

Calling all tea lovers! Our But First Tea Towel talks about your very committed relationship with tea. 

Anyone who spots this tea towel in your kitchen will immediately understand you better and know you never say no to a cup of positivi-tea. 

But First Tea Towel

But First Tea Towel


There is no trouble so grave that it isn't diminished by a cup of tea. By long-awaited popular demand, we've finally transformed our best-selling Typewriter Signs into inspiring, oversized cotton tea towels. 100% cotton Size is 27.5" x 17.5" Super absorbent… read more

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4. Coffee Typewriter Sign 

Make kitchen wall art a thing with the Coffee Typewriter Sign. Or hang it, thanks to the convenient keyhole. 

The white background with the grey and black lettering fits with any theme. After all, “with enough coffee, nothing is impossible.” ​​ 

Coffee Typewriter Sign

Coffee Typewriter Sign


Dear coffee, I love you. Typewriter decorative wall plaques are reminiscent of a time when people typed letters to their loved ones on a single sheet of blue airmail paper that folded into an envelope. Postage was dear so paragraphs were… read more

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5. Sip Some Tea Timber Bit

A must-have sign for your kitchen is the Sip Some Tea Timber Bit. Add more cedar timber bits, like Thankful and You Are My Sunshine, to your basket to create a fun or inspirational message. 

Sip Some Tea Timber Bit

Sip Some Tea Timber Bit


You can't buy happiness but you can buy tea and that's close enough sometimes. Our Timber Bits home decor wood blocks have an inspiring or funny word or phrase that can be stacked and combined to make inspiring and funny messages.… read more

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Make Your Kitchen Cozy with the Best Tea and Coffee Signs

“I love days when my only problem is ... tea or coffee.” ~ Unknown. 

Luckily, making your kitchen a warm and buzzing space with personality isn’t tricky, at least not with tea and coffee signs that perfectly capture your sentiments about your favourite brew. Get creative with tea- and coffee-inspired magnets, coasters, tea towels, timber bits, and typewriter signs. 

Hop over to Cedar Mountain Studios to choose the best coffee and tea signs to personalise your kitchen. Or buy a unique gift for the coffee or tea lover in your life.

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